czwartek, 15 czerwca 2017

Cliff landslide/ collapse near Gosań cliff, Międzyzdroje

Plus some nice photos of Baltic Sea cliffs. I walked on landslide for the first time in my life. Hopefully it won't be the last. 15th June 1991 - In the Philippines, Pinatubo volcano erupts in the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th Century (the largest was Novarupta/ Katmai in 1912, Alaska). Date of photos taken: 05.06.2017.

Turquoise Lake in Wolin National Park

This truly ethereal lake is located in Wolin National Park (Wapnica village). It has unique turquoise (bluish-green) color of water. It used to be a chalk mine, which operated until 1954. Maximum depth: 21.2 meters, Turquoise Lake forms cryptodepression with depth of 18.6 meters. Lovely place to visit and photograph. Date of visit: 05.06.2017.