czwartek, 20 kwietnia 2017

Pagan mountain Ślęża

This pretty famous and forested Polish granite mountain (elevation 718 m) is not a volcano, but it's a very special place for Neo-Pagans. It was an ancient holy place for local tribes dedicated to a sun deity. I wanted to climb Ślęża for long time and the opportunity happened on 18th April 2017. The weather was quite bad for recreational climb, but I reached the top of Ślęża after 55 minutes of intense walk/climbing. Misty forests were extremely beautiful as was weak snow blizzard on the top of Ślęża (Zobtenberg). Ancient (probably Celtic) cult sculpture of a bear is extremely interesting as are poorly visible ruins of the castle, PTTK tourist mountain hut (very welcoming place) and lovely observation tower. No volcano trips in the nearest future, but I do not want to turn this blog into dead place.

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